Interested in Horseback Riding in Mali?

I've organized a few photos taken during my recent travels to Mali so that I can share them with those of you who are intetrested in joining me on horseback treks in this culturally rich and delightful country.

We are currently working on organizing rides into the desert out of Tombouctou during October/November 2011 and
in January 2012 during the Festival au Desert. We will ride with the Tuareg and experience their way of life and love of the vast Sahara Dessert and also explore a few of the villages and historical sights in Tombouctou.

Other Malian riding destinations include Pays Dogon also known as Dogon Country, and Hamdallaye, the Fulani area.

All rides and tours are arranged with my Malian partners including Gorel Sidibeh, who is a licensed tour operator based in Bamako. The Tombouctou portion of our tours are scheduled in alliance with Shindouk M. Lamine ould Najim and his wife Miranda who operate Sahara Passion Hotel in Tombouctou. Shindouk, a Tuareg headman, is the President of the Association of Guides in Tombouctou. His wife Miranda is is bilingual, fluently speaking French and English.

Please feel free to contact me for details on the Tombouctou ride or with inquiries on additional destinations in Mali at

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!
Debbie Logan

Gorel Sidibeh can be contacted at
Miranda Dodd can be contacted at

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